10 Score Growth over Time

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Note: this chart only works in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

This graph visualizes the growth over time for up to 10 standardized assessment instruments. You can graph as many as four testing moments for each test.

Data entry is streamlined and intuitive. Simply enter the label of the assessment as you would like it to appear on the graph, enter the score and score type, and you’re done.

Designed with principles of effective data visualization to promote audience comprehension, it also helps practitioners spot trends and formulate conclusions.

Score Types:

  • Standard Scores (Mean 50, Standard Deviation 15)
  • Scaled Scores (Mean 10, SD 3)
  • T Scores (Mean 50, SD 10)
  • Z Scores (Mean 0, SD 1)
  • Percentile Rank (Mean 50)

Other features:

  • Adjustable Range Lines and Labels (average, above average, etc.)
  • Standard Excel Charts formatting options (e.g., format data markers and labels, etc.)
  • Each graph is on a tab, so you can save multiple graphs in one workbook.

Purchase includes all future updates at no cost (with gumroad account/library).

Updates are made every 6 months or so, depending on feature requests. Please let me know if you have requests for additional features, as well as other data visualization products.

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10 Score Growth over Time

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