60 Scores Bell Curve Graph (Excel)

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Note: This graph only works in Microsoft Excel

This bell curve graph shows results from up to 60 assessments allowing you to visually compare results from different assessment instruments on one graph. It works great as both a full evaluation summary or to zoom in on specific assessments and results.


  • Graph up to 60 standardized Scores on a normally distributed bell curve.
  • Customizable Range Lines and Labels (Average, Above Average, etc.)
  • Margin of Error (optional)
  • Adjustable Data Marker Size
  • Customizable Category Labels (Visual Processing, Auditory Processing, etc.)

Score Types:

  • Standard Score (Mean 100, SD 15)
  • Scaled Score (Mean 10, SD 3)
  • T Score (Mean 50, SD 10)
  • Z Score (Mean 0, SD 1)
  • Percentile (Mean 50)

The chart was designed using principles of effective data visualization to promote audience comprehension. It is also helpful for practitioners to spot trends and draw conclusions quickly.

Purchase includes all future updates at no cost. Updates are made every 6 months or so, depending on requests.

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60 Scores Bell Curve Graph (Excel)

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